Three Reasons to Consider Engagement Photographs

So you're engaged—Congratulations! 

Here are 3 reasons to consider engagement photographs:

Engagement photographs help you get comfortable in front of the camera

The first reason you should do engagement photographs is that it assists you to get comfortable in front of the camera. Many people (including myself) are not immediately comfortable with having their photograph taken. Engagement photographs before the wedding break the ice and give you the confidence of having your images taken before it's the wedding day. One less thing to worry about!

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Engagement photographs get you comfortable with your photographer

The second reasons you should get engagement photographs is to get comfortable with your photographer. Your photographer gets to third wheel with you and your fiance for the entire wedding day, they are more involved in the actual day than anyone else. Getting engagement photographs not only gets you comfortable with being a couple in front of them but helps you get a feel for how they work. Additionally, it's a beautiful opportunity to hang out, laugh, and get to know each other before the wedding. I love doing engagement photographs because it helps me build these relationships. On the wedding day, we are excited to hang out and document their wedding day—I'm not just a hired hand, but a friend!

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Engagement photographs document a fleeting and beautiful season of your life

The third reason that you should do engagement photographs is that it's an opportunity to document a milestone in your relationship. This is a season of your life that is going to fly before you know it.

Your life as it is now is going to change—drastically (for good). Have some photographs you can look back upon, reminisce, and show your loved ones. As a bonus, you can use them for years to come— Sometimes it's nice having images together that are not as formal as the ones you will get done at the wedding! Profile pictures for the win!

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