Tips for Your Engagement Photographs

Tips for Your Engagement Photographs

Clients often ask tips in preparation for their engagement photographs.  The three topics most frequently brought up? Outfits, location, and being in front of the camera. Here then, are some simple ways to make the most of your engagement session .



The first question  often asked is, What should we wear? This is a good question, but people often overthink it.

  1. Wear what’s comfortable and you’re not afraid of being photographed in. What do you feel beautiful in? If you don't like the way you look and feel in an outfit before the session, you won't like the way you look in the photos!

  2. Wear something that compliments the location of your session. High heels aren’t  practical if you plan on hiking!

  3. Avoid large logos or brand names which can be distracting in the photographs.

  4. If you decide to wear a dress or skirt, consider wearing spandex underneath—then you won't have to worry if the wind blows it over your head. The less you have to  worry about  the more freedom and focus you’ll have for  photographs at a variety of locations.

  5. Consider an outfit change part way through your photo sessions.  If you started with casual clothes, also bring something a little more dressy. This gives you  variety in your photographs.

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The question of where to go for your engagement session is  probably also on your mind. Pick somewhere that has  meaning to you. This might be the place you got engaged, a favorite hangout, or somewhere scenic. Whether you decide on a pub, downtown, or in a forest—there are no bad locations. Better yet, pick two!

Having Your Portrait Taken

Having your portrait taken can make you feel as awkward as the time Michael Scott kissed Oscar in one episode of The Office. Though few people are comfortable in front of the camera, keep in mind that the first 15 minutes are the most uncomfortable, and it only gets better after that. For this reason I try to make my sessions feel more like  hanging out with a friend then a daunting, formal session. Talk. Have fun. Be silly with your partner. Raw emotion trumps artificial moments.

Really, really not comfortable in front of the camera? Consider a “lifestyle” session. These sessions typically document a normal part of your life together. How about breakfast and coffee in the comfort of your own home? Preparing and eating a meal together? Taking the dog for a walk? Reading books together? As these moments capture you at your most relaxed and authentic selves, why not capture them forever in a photo session?

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